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Wi-Fi DIY Smart Switch
Manufacturer: SONOFF
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Wi-Fi DIY Smart Switch

Advanced Safety, Professional Certification

Pass the 2KV surge testing and also certified by ANATEL which ensures MINIR2 more secure in use.


The surge testing requirement for the CE certification is 1kv.

Safety, Improved Further

The external antenna of MINIR2 is moved to the interior, improving the use performance and safety.

Installation Guide

It is recommended that the frontside of MINIR2 is installed outside during installation and do not install it in the metal junction box.

Metal junction box

Considerate Design for Your Safety

The S1 and S2 interface is highlighted on the different color to give you a clear tip that they can not connect the strong current for security reasons.

Work with An External Switch

Support to connect dry contact sensors and various types of external switches, such as SPDT switches and NC/NO push button switches.

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