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Dual Relay Wi-Fi Smart Switch with Power Metering
Manufacturer: SONOFF
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Smart control module operate for lights, appliances and motorized facili ties.The first smart switch with TUV certification has a high-level of quality and reliability.

DIY Your Automated Motorized Facilities

DUALR3 can operate as a smart control module for 100-240V AC motors. Like tubular motor used in motorized curtains, blinds, roller shutter, awning, etc.

*DUALR3 is applicable to four wires (GND, Neutral, Forward, and Reverse ) AC motors, like tubular motors.

Schedule to Open and
Close for Comfortable Life

Want to be awakened with the first ray of sunlight in the morning or adjust the percentage of curtain opening to avoid the light ruins your furniture? DUALR3 can help you easily realize, just connect it with your motorized curtain to enjoy your smart life.

Control It Wherever You Are

Don’t worry about rain, close the window remotely.

Creating an Atmosphere, Actually Simple

DUALR3 works with other SONOFF products like L1. Just tell Siri and it will automatically close the curtain for you to create a romantic atmosphere. *Siri voice control is a shortcut of Siri in eWelink, DUALR3 does not support Homekit temporarily.

Double Two-Way
Control of Lights

To control the lights via downstair or upstairs switch? DUALR3 helps you! The working mechanism of DUALR3 allows you to achieve two-way control for two appliances respectively.

Power Metering Helps You
to Save on Electricity Bills

Want to turn off in schedule to save electricity bills? Want to check the real-time power of the appliances? Want to view historical power consumption?

Now you can enjoy two independent channels with power metering in all of three working modes!

Speak Out "Your Needs"

Understand your needs in both switch mode and motor mode when working with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Keep Your Appliances always Be On - Meter Mode

DUALR3 has a special working mode called meter mode. In this mode, the electrical appliance loads of DUALR3 will always remain on, the relay state will not be changed by APP or external switches. Only focusing on power monitoring and metering!

Safety Is Guaranteed

Protection against electric shock

Pass the additional test carried out at 35 ?±2? with an IEC 61032 test probe. During the test, no DUALR3 is deformed and no live parts accessible.

Adequate mechanical strength

Switches and boxes have adequate mechanical strength. After 9 blow impact test, they show no damage and without live parts exposed.

Insulating material

Resist abnormal heat and fire. Place the PCB on the glow wire at 850?, and the flame will go out within 2.8s. The PCB, base, and cover of DUALR3 are all passed the glow wire test of IEC 60695-2-1.

Resistance to heat,
humidity, and aging

DUALR3 underwent many severe environmental tests to ensure its reliability in harsh environments. For example, in terms of high-temperature resistance, it kept for 1h in a heating cabinet at 100?±0.2?. After the test, there is no change affecting its further use, and has no access to live parts.

Overload Protection

Set the maximum and minimum values of voltage, current and power.Once the appliance is in abnormal working state, it will automatically cut off power for safety.

Perfect for In-wall Installation

Detachable Mounting Base for DIN-Rail Installation

Compatible with Your Existing Various Switch Types

In addition to APP control, the original switch control can be retained.

AC Motor Wiring Demo

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