ROTAMATIC PU1DR Underspeed Monitor
Manufacturer: Synatel
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Supply12-240V dc/24-240V ac
OutputSPCO Relay 3A 240V max. Non-inductive
Output StateOutput energised (ON) at set running speed, de-energises if rotation falls by 20% or more below set speed
Operating Range12mm
Hysterisis15% of operating range
CalibrationStart-up delay & set running speed, user programmable using magnet (supplied) applied to target area on sensor body.
Automatically calibrates to 20% under normal running speed-15
Start-up DelayProgrammable start-up delay.
Output energises for time period irrespective of incoming pulse signal, allows machinery to achieve normal running speed.
Max 30 second delay
AmbientTemperature-15°C to +50°C
IP RatingIP65
EnclosureNylon 66/6
Connection5 core, PVC, unscreened