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300Mbps Long Range Wireless N Router
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-Excellent Wi-Fi Connection over Long Distance
-300Mbps Wireless N Speed
-Extensive Wireless Coverage
-Enjoy Your IPTV
-Multiple Wireless Network for Access Control
-Flexible Power Supply by Passive PoE
-Parental Control
-Easy Setup

N300RH is a Long Range Wireless N Router which complies with 802.11n standard and can deliver up to 300Mbps wireless transmission speed.  Equipped with two detachable high performance antennas, N300RH is designed for long disance signal transfer with stable throughput. Passive PoE supply also makes the deployment more flexible. So it is most popular and practical for medium-sized home and small office use.



Excellent Wi-Fi Connection over Long Distance

Stable and fast Wi-Fi connection over long distance makes your home network sharing more enjoyable in every corner.


300Mbps Wireless N Speed

Complying with the 802.11n standard, N300RH delivers Wi-Fi speed up to 300Mbps, satisfying all internet activities like network commnication, online gaming and video streaming.


Extensive Wireless Coverage

Two 8dBi antennas and high output power design significantly enhances the signal stability and provides extensive Wi-Fi range with less dead spots.


Enjoy Your IPTV

Simply set up IPTV related information on N300RH's Easy Setup page, you can enjoy smooth IPTV and fast Wi-Fi at the same time.


Multiple Wireless Network for Access Control

More than one Wi-Fi networks can be added to provide secure Wi-Fi acess for guest sharing your home or office network.


Flexible Power Supply by Passive PoE

Long distance power supply can be acheived by Passive PoE, making the deployment more flexible and easy.


Parental Control

Wi-Fi Schedule helps parents to set up time schedule for Wi-Fi network access,  effectively preventing children caught in the Web, better for parental control.


Easy Setup

For Wi-Fi devices first connected to N300RH, the Log In page will show up automatically, configuration has never been so easier.

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