Solido 500-LAA | Rotary Paddle Level Switch | UWT

an economical sensor for signaling the maximum level of filling with any loose materials (grain, meal, sand, feed) Solido-500 LAA, Solido-500 LEA. In the standard version, the sensor has a tolerance for work in areas with the danger of a dust explosion
Manufacturer: UWT
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  • These sensors are installed both in the wall and in the tank cover and indicate the upper level of filling (overfill protection), the lower level of filling (protection against dry running of unloading devices), and also for signaling the level of demand (signaling the need for additional capacity filling. In this case, the sensors are protected against dust explosion and the certificate TR of the TS.

    The main technical characteristics of the paddle (flange) level sensor Solido 500 (LAA and LEA):

    • Housing: coated aluminum
    • Process connection: Aluminum, R 1½ "DIN2999
    • It is possible to connect NPT 1¼ "ANSI B1.20.1 *
    • Shaft and measuring blade: stainless steel. steel
    • Working temperatures: 
      - process -25 .. +80 ° ? 
      - environment -20 .. +60 ° ?
    • Process pressure: max. 0.8 bar
    • Protection class: IP66
    • Ex tolerance Ex dust: TR TS in standard version (no extra charge!)
    • Power supply: 220 V AC (modification LAA) and 24 V DC (LEA modification)