1/2 * E1/T1 PRI Trunk Gateway
Manufacturer: Dinstar
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MTG200 is cost-effective trunk gateway designed for open-source market based on Asterisk/Elastix/Trixbox/Freeswitch and it is ideal for small-and-medium-sized enterprises. Focusing on a concept of maintainable, manageable and operable, the trunk gateway provides carrier-grade VoIP services. It also supports enhanced functions such as echo cancellation, T.38 & T.30 fax, modem as well as smart voice recognition, and thus it can help construct a flexible, high-efficient, future-oriented communication network for users.


  • Cost-effective media gateway for open source communications solutions

  • Support echo cancellation, DJB, CNG, VAD and QoS

  • Up to 60 simultaneous calls with 1/2 ISDN PRI ports

  • Built-in Web-based management, SNMP, command line interface (CLI)

  • Standard ISDN compliant and Interoperable with a wide range of IP-PBXs